The good progress of coral transplantation on 43 spider’s web structures at a pilot project of Coral Garden, Nusa Dua, Bali after a year. Some corals died, but the growth of live corals with its beautiful color prove that corals can grow well at the Garden. As a rehabilitation effort, Coral Garden needs to be expanded by scale-up the structure of spider webs and transplant more corals. Need support funding from multi parties, especially hotels management around Nusa Dua.

Nov. 17, 2017

Beautiful on the surface, but dirty inside. That’s the ironic condition of the Nusa Dua coast … the beach of this luxury hotel area always looks clean on the surface, but look to the sea, a lot of plastic waste, especially during the East wind season. The beach cleaning officer just cleans up trash around the beach, not at sea. Is it because it is considered a common property area so no one wants to take responsibility for cleaning it? Plastic waste not only threatens corals, but other marine life animals. Save our ocean!

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