About NDRF

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  Coral reefs, the “rain forests of the sea,” are among the most biologically rich and productive ecosystems on earth. They are supply a wide range of important benefits to communities in the world, provide valuable ecosystem benefits to millions of coastal people, important sources of food and income, serve as nurseries for commercial fish species, attract divers and snorkelers from around the world, generate the sand on tourist beaches, and protect shorelines from the ravages of storms. However, the world’s coral reefs are threaten by human activities, such as overfishing and destructive fishing, coastal development, marine-based pollution and damage, and agricultural runoff and also climate change. 2010 and 2016 are two record of the warmest years, causing widespread damage to coral reefs around the world. Mass coral bleaching in 2016 record coral mortality reaching 70% in some regions, including severe in 20 province in Indonesia, including Bali. Scientists predict coral bleaching will continue to increase in the future and will be threaten human life.

  Nusa Dua Reef Foundation is established in 2010 with the vision to create multi-stakeholder concerns to conserve coral reefs of the world, especially Bali island and to reduce the climate change impacts on coral reefs. We are committed to protect the coral reefs in Bali, especially Nusa Dua and seek national and international stakeholders involve in actions to conserve coral reef and reduce climate change impacts on coral reefs.